Surviving the Worst Flu Season with Office Cleaning From SERVPRO of Stark County

Surviving the Worst Flu Season with Office Cleaning From SERVPRO of Stark County

Need a professional Office Cleaning Company to have a safe clean environment for your employees?  This year’s flu season outbreak is more severe than any other flu seasons according to federal health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Furthermore, CDC officials noted that this season’s flu intensity is still increasing with rising reported number of flu sufferers and hospitalizations and we still have many more weeks before it ends.  We have a few tips to tell your employees to stop the spread of germs and hopefully keep your employees healthy and reduce the number of absenteeism.


6 Tips for a Clean Environment for your Employees:

  1. Make sure all “touch point” areas are thoroughly cleaned. Touch Cleaning is areas that are touched by more than one office personal such as:
  • Phones
  • Computer mice
  • Doors/Door Handles
  • Faucet handles
  • Light switches
  • Office Equipment
  • Elevator buttons
  • Stair rails
  1. When you are sick – Stay Home!
  2. Stop Coughing or Sneezing into Your Hands
  3. Regularly Wash Your Hands During the Day
  4. Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Is Effective, but not as Good Hand Washing
  5. Get a Flu Shot

Please call SERVPRO of Stark County, BSM for Professional Office Cleaning for a Healthy Environment.  We will make sure that all areas of your facility are cleaned to reduce the spread of germs. We have office cleaners that are professionally trained in cross contamination, we label our cleaning products with specific use instructions to assure office cleaners know exactly how each product is to be used and furthermore, we make sure that all touch point cleaning is cleaned daily.

A healthy work environment doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by intention.  Keeping your workplace healthy and getting at least some protection from the flu requires that your office cleaning company put policy and training into place that insures that your office cleaning staff knows how to clean to reduce bacteria, viruses and other common infectious diseases and limit the spread of disease in your facility.

Call SERVPRO of Stark County at 330-497-1773 for a FREE office cleaning quote.

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