What is green cleaning, and how does it differ from the traditional cleaning processes? Green Cleaning can be defined as the process of using non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals that pose no threat to the air or human health. Whereas with some of the traditional cleaners there are volatile organic compounds present which can cause respiratory and dermatological complications. With the green cleaning process, maximum efficiency can be achieved while preserving human health and the environment. This statement is built within the core of Servpro of Stark County, BSM’s mission.

Chemical Utilization

You can take a look at our products page which gives a comprehensive list of the products we use during regular cleanings. As stated before, the importance of chemicals used during cleaning is vital to preserving the surrounding environment and air. These principles are essential to all kinds of facilities; however, with medical facilities additional importance needs to be placed on what processes are implemented. With medical facility cleaning, responsible yet effective strategies need to be set in place to protect patients and staff from harmful chemicals used during the cleaning process. Consistent assessment of practices and strategies need to be utilized to assure the prevention of harmful bacteria/infections while minimizing contamination of the surrounding environment. The traditional cleaning agents have been linked to work-related asthma, and are known to have carcinogenic properties along with chronic diseases. It is time to transition into the new way to clean! Let us be responsible for the efficient and safe cleaning of your facility.

Healthcare & Green Cleaning

According to the CDC, healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) have racked up 45 billion annually in direct costs, and caused an estimated 100,000 deaths in the United States. It is essential for healthcare facilities to be effective against infection prevention and control harm against the environment from cleaning processes. Take a look at these findings by Health Care without Harm Organization:
What Part of Our Chronic Disease Problem Comes From Chemicals?

  • 1% of chronic disease
  • 3% of developmental disabilities
  • 5% of childhood cancer
  • 10% of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and neurodevelopmental disabilities
  • 10% of children’s neurobehavioral disorders
  • 30% of childhood asthma

We understand the mission of hospitals and doctors “first, do no harm” philosophy. There may not be a significant relationship between conventional vs. green cleaning in regards to infection prevention; however, the responsibility of products and processes implemented must to be recognized. Using preferable alternatives can have an effect on many other elements, such as evaluations based on patient response to service. These evaluations can negatively or positively affect the amount of money distributed by the government.
More importantly, we understand the processes preferable to be effective against infection prevention, and it lies primarily with the operational techniques used in medical facilities. Our many years of experience within cleaning all types of facilities have allowed us to master many cleaning techniques, while minimizing harm to the environment and humans. We have strategies in place to be fully attentive to medical facility’s needs, while being effective against infection prevention in all aspects.

Green Clean Makes a Difference

Green cleaning makes a difference for all facilities! Whether it is a public establishment or a manufacturing facility, green cleaning can make the superior difference. Protecting workers from harmful agents while maintaining the proper ways to effectively clean an establishment is the optimal alternative to traditional methods. We have the manpower and expertise to execute all specialized demands for your particular company. Take a look at all of the facts stated above and how green cleaning makes the difference. If you are not convinced, give one of our representatives a call at 330-497-1773.