Your janitorial staff is great. They are dependable and consistent. But when your Canton office or building needs go beyond the simple vacuuming and dusting, it is time to call the commercial cleaning professionals.

Canton Commercial Cleaning Must-Call Scenarios

Here are three times your building or business simply needs commercial cleaning services.

Spring Cleaning: Staff members trudging into the office after a Northeast snow storm, thousands of patients entering and exiting your physician offices, and foot traffic from dozens of customers creates more wear and tear on carpeting and flooring than vacuums and mops can rid your space of. Plus, during the winter, windows and doors are shut tight, lowering indoor air quality and raising the stink factor.

Deep cleaning is absolutely necessary for any building that has employees, patients or customers—especially in an area like Canton, Ohio, that experience all four seasons of weather. Commercial cleaning experts will clean all ceiling vents and deep clean carpets and upholstery. While you, of course, do not want customers and clients picking up on a musty smell upon entering your office, your staff’s (and your) wellbeing is simply worth the commitment to cleanliness.

Remodeling: Open floor plans are all the rage. But before you move desks and create that new seating chart, call in a Canton commercial cleaning crew. The best commercial cleaners will damp wipe horizontal surfaces, spot clean then vacuum all carpets, detail vacuum corners and edges, dust mop and/or damp mop hard surface floors. They will even help arrange furniture!

Kitchen Deep Cleaning: It’s finally happened. You’ve walked into your shared kitchen or employee break space and simply cannot take it anymore. There are spills and sticky spots. Stains and who knows what. Don’t ever let this happen again! Call in the experts—commercial cleaners. Canton’s top crews will clean sinks and drinking fountains, rid the refrigerator of whatever is rotting in there and then give it a thorough cleaning, wipe down the microwave removing evidence of that soup spill over that’s been sitting for weeks and even take out the trash.

Call The Top Commercial Cleaning Experts in Canton

At SERVPRO of Stark County, we provide account managers who do site visits to ensure cleaning is done right every time. We customize cleaning to your needs, offer day or night cleaning porters and only use safe cleaning products. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. And we never sell our contract or sub-out our cleaners. All cleaners are SERVPRO employees Contact us online or call today – (330) 497-1773.