Sanitized Restrooms

Sanitized Restrooms

Commercial Restroom Cleaning- Akron & Canton, Ohio

Restroom Sanitation is one of the most important aspects to a company’s impression on clients AND employees. The restroom is one of the most important elements to maintain, and is one of the most difficult elements to execute correctly. Recent surveys illustrate the severity of restroom sanitation issues, showing that the number one complaint in building maintenance is dirty restrooms. Ultimately, this issue can create several potential risks including:


Pathogen Exposure:

  • Staphylococcus Aureus, also known as “Golden Staph”~ grouping of bacteria that can cause various diseases resulting from infections in different tissues of the body.
  • Streptococcus~ the type of bacteria that commonly infects humans. There are many different strains of this bacterium that can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Commonly contracted from unsanitary conditions.
  • MRSA~ this type of bacterium can be easily spread through hospitals, dorm rooms, and locker rooms. This type of bacterium is very hard to treat and resolve. MRSA can cause complications in the body that can sometimes be life threatening.
  • Influenza A/ H1N1~ easily spread infection of nose, lungs, and throat. Very contagious and can be housed in unsanitary areas.




Risks come into play when restrooms are unattended. Elements like wet areas on the floor can cause falls and injuries.



Customer Loss: 

One way to make a bad impression on customers is a dirty restroom. As stated above, one of the number one complaints in building maintenance is insanitary restrooms. Leave your customers with a good impression. Sanitized restrooms will reflect positively on your company, where unsanitary conditions will create a lasting negative perception.


Restroom Servicing Core Aspects:

-Clean and Disinfect All Restroom Fixtures-
-Empty Trash-
-Refill Supply Dispensers-
-Clean Mirrors-
-Clean Counters-
-Clean Partitions and Chrome-
-Sweep and Mop Floor Utilizing Appropriate Cleaner- 

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